Euro Boxx
Planned litters for 2019

Planned Breedings for 2019

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Stud Dogs are subject to change


Int. CH.  Rudy Zogohof & Int. CH. Key Largo von haus Euro Boxx

expected heat in June.




Int. CH.  Rudy Zogohof & Fiji von haus Euro Boxx

expected heat in June. 


Int. CH.  Rudy Zogohof & Ahsoka v. Euro Boxx

expected heat in August. 



Int. CH.  Rudy Zogohof & Int. CH Pirouette von haus Sonnenstahl

expected heat in August. 




Euro Boxx Boxers reserves the right to keep 1st pick puppy to any of the litters whelped here at Euro Boxx


If you have interest in these litters, please contact me at 704-786-7124 or via email


Euro Boxx Boxers~ Respected boxer breeder that selects from World Class, Championed European bloodlines to produce the best boxers available for sale in the United States.


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