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Shipping Changes as of 5/1/2018

Shipping Changes as of 5/1/2018

The "Petsafe" program from United will no longer accept snub- nosed breeds (boxers) for shipping. At this time, there are no commercial airlines in the United States that will accept a boxer. Puppies ages 8 - 10 weeks old that weight 20 lbs. and under are able to fly "in cabin" with their owner in a soft carrier that is TSA approved. 

It is Euro Boxx Boxers Policy going forward, that all puppies must be picked up from our home OR You can choose our new delivery service. All delivery rates will have to be calculated. The days of a flat rate are sadly, over. I have contacted several ground carriers over the last month and estimates have been from $800.00 to $1500.00 for ground delivery, group rates. I am uncomfortable with "groups” of dogs coming from unknown kennels, homes, rescues etc. that can possibly be expose my puppies to disease that they are not yet, fully vaccinated for. It takes a minimum of 3 puppy vaccinations for full immunity. I will not place an 8-10-week-old puppy in a group situation. That is why, we here at Euro Boxx Boxers will transport ONLY our puppies and dogs. I will not take the chance of cross contaminating our puppies with something unknown.   


Options include: 

Fly into Charlotte Douglas International airport~ We can meet you at the airport with your puppy ready to go.  Rate for this is $50.00

Euro Boxx's flight companion~ We will fly with your puppy to the airport of your choosing. This will have to be the most direct flight possible. This fee will have to be calculated and must take place between the ages of 8-10 weeks old. Otherwise the puppy may exceed the weight limit of 20 lbs. for the in-cabin flight. You would be responsible for "Roundtrip" Airfare, Pet fees, Hotel and Car Rental (if needed) plus our fee. 

Ground delivery~ If you are located on the east coast and east of the Mississippi river we will deliver your puppy to your door.  This fee will have to be calculated by distance and if an overnight stay in a hotel is needed. 

Euro Boxx Boxers~ Respected boxer breeder that selects from World Class, Championed European bloodlines to produce the best boxers available for sale in the United States.


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