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White Boxers

 The white boxer is not rare,  in fact of the first original 9 boxers registered with the AKC, 4 were white. Today in both the AKC & FCI boxer standard disqualifies any boxer who's white markings exceed 1/3 of their body coat. The AKC & FCI do not allow white boxers to compete in conformation or be included in boxer breeding programs. However, they can can compete in AKC sanctioned events such as Obedience, Agility, and Rally as well as obtain titles in Search & Rescue, Canine Good Citizen (CGC), and Therapy dogs. 

There is controversy and heated debate that surrounds the white boxer. The research that suggested that white boxers are more likely to be deaf, was preformed in the 1970's and on a different breed. The genetic health screening tests that require DNA (ex. Boxer ARVC or Doberman DCM) are very specific to breed and cannot be used to screen other breeds. Less than 3% of all white boxers are born deaf. The BAER test is the gold standard to determine if hearing is normal and can be administered at 6 weeks of age. The BAER test results are good for the dog's lifetime.

This recent genetic research caused the German Boxer Klub, (in 2010) to consider amending the boxer standard to include white boxers and allow them breeding rights. Clinical trials to study the effects of reintroduction of the white boxer back into the breeding population were proposed.

As of today, the white boxer is still excluded from the FCI & AKC standard.

Euro Boxx is White Boxer Friendly and white boxers have a special place in our hearts for our very first boxer, Odin was white. 

 It is Euro Boxx Boxers position, that until the FCI & AKC standard is amended to include the white boxer; All white boxers will be sold on limited registration. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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